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VEE GEE Double Buret Clamp
VEE GEE®, Fits Micro to 100ml burets ...
Thermometer Clamp
Great tool for holding thermometer so it does not have to rest on the bottom of the container. 360° rotatable, with adjustable jaw. Overall length 6 3/8". ...
Burette Clamps
The round jaws will gently hold a burette and lock at any angle. Single jaw opens approximately 3/8" to 1 3/4", rotatable 360°. Overall length approx. 6 1/2". ...
Double Burette Clamp
Can accommodate a burette at both ends. Holds gently without blocking markings on burettes. ...
An open jaw, nickel plated clamp for flexible rubber tubing up to 1/2" diameter. Regulates the flow from fully open to closed. Lower jaw has a swivel mount for easy insertion of tubing without disconnecting apparatus. 3 pieces per pack.   ...
Lincoln Type Burette Clamp
Economy style double burette clamp holds two burettes in self closing jaws. ...
Clamp Holders
Holds rod up to 3/4" in diameter. One piece holder with fixed jaw angle. ...
Wooden Test Tube Clamp
Test tube clamp made of strong wood, self closing & easily handled. 7" long . Great for beginning of economical use. ...
Test Tube Clamp
Self closing metal test tube jaw that can fit a test tube from 6 to 32mm. Overall length 5". ...
Knife Edge Level Clamp
A well constructed metal level clamp fits a standard meter stick and is used in setting up a demonstration balance to study principles of levers, torque, etc. Can also be used to suspend weights from the stirrup. ...