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Kimble Bomex Erlenmeyer Flasks
The erlenmeyer flask is made of borosilicate glass and has a narrow neck with a heavy duty rim. It is graduated in durable white enamel markings and is thermal and chemical shock resistant. Specifications Model Capacity Graduation Quantity/Pack NYMC10504-12 50 ml 10 ml 12 Pieces/Pack NYMC10505-12 100 ml 25 ml NYMC10508-6 250 ml 25 ml 6 Pieces/Pack NYMC10510-6 500 ml...
Kimble Bomex Round Bottom Boiling Flasks
The round bottom flask has a long neck and beaded rim. Manufactured with uniform wall thickness for mechanical strength and large markings for easy identification. Specifications Model Capacity Quantity/Pack NYMC10660-6 500 ml 6 Pieces/Pack NYMC10661-6 1000 ml   ...
High Neck Flasks - GL series
Made of borosilicate glass, it can withstand up to 600°C. With graduation marks and glass stopper. Specifications Model Capacity Height Quantity/Case NYMC-25M/GL 25 ml 110 mm 288 Pieces/Case NYMC-50M/GL 50 ml 140 mm NYMC-100M/GL 100 ml 170 mm 144 Pieces/Case NYMC-250M/GL 250 ml 220 mm 72 Piec...
50ml Graduated Kimble Erlenmeyer Flask
    With pennyhead Standard Taper stopper     Designed from ASTM Specification E 1404, Type II Class 2 requirements     Scale indicates approximate volumes   ...
Flat Bottom Flasks - GL series
Economically priced flasks with a flat bottom. Specifications Model Capacity O.D. Height Quantity/Case NYMC-250N/GL 250 ml 88 mm 160 mm 72 Pieces/Case NYMC-500N/GL 500 ml 110 mm 200 mm 48 Pieces/Case NYMC-1000N/GL 1000 ml 140 mm 250 mm 24 Pieces/Case NYMC-5000N/GL ...
Erlenmeyer Flasks - GL series
Recommended for use as titration flasks. Heavy duty tooled top finish, with thick walls, wide mouth, and long tapered outside contour to minimize chipping. With durable white graduations on side. Stoppers not included. Made of borosilicate glass, flask can withstand up to 680°C. Specifications Model Capacity Quantity/Pack NYMC-100S/GL 100 ml 192 Pieces/Pack NYMC-250S/GL 250 ml 72 Pieces/Pack NYMC-500S/GL ...
Kimble Bomex Flat Bottom Boiling Flasks
The flat bottom flask has a long neck and beaded rim. Manufactured with uniform wall thickness for mechanical strength and large markings for easy identification Specifications Model Capacity Quantity/Pack NYMC10550-12 50 ml 12 Pieces/Pack NYMC10551-12 100 ml NYMC10552-6 250 ml 6 Pieces/Pack   ...
VEE GEE 20231-Series Erlenmeyer Flasks
VEE GEE®, Narrow Mouth, Low Form, Heavy-Duty Rim, Graduated VEE GEE 20231-Series Erlenmeyer Flasks meet ASTM E-1404 Type I, Class 1 Specifications for Classification, Design, Capacity & Dimensions, and Markings. These Erlenmeyer flasks feature heavy-duty rims to reduce chipping, white, permanent graduations, and large marking squares. Made from high-quality borosilicate tubing with a low coefficient of expansion. Borosilicate tubing also provides uniform wall thickness resulting in the optimum balance between thermal shock resistance and mechanical strength. Accuracy: ±5% of...