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  • Labomed Spectro 23 Visible Spectrophotometer with Multiple Cell Holders

Labomed Spectro 23 Visible Spectrophotometer with Multiple Cell Holders

  • Brand: Labomed
  • Product Code: NYMC-Spectro23
  • $1,670.00

Labomed Spectro 23 is a traditional analytical instrument used in conventional laboratories. This spectrophotometer can work in the Visible, Near-Ultraviolet, and Near Infrared Spectral Range and it perfectly suited for quantitative and qualitative analysis. This spectrophotometer delivers enhanced ease-of-use, precision and accuracy resulting in time and cost savings, as well as unprecedented confidence in test results. This new generation instrument is equipped with a microprocessor to automatically adjust 100 % T and Zero ABS, Factor, and Concentration.

Spectro 23 is an economical four cell visible spectrophotometer which is ideal for small laboratories, biochemical labs, clinical labs, and educational institutions. This spectrophotometer uses a soft key pad and delivers enhanced ease-of-use, precision and accuracy resulting in time and cost savings, as well as unprecedented confidence in test results.

Spectro 23 is easy to use, affordable, compact and light weight. It has a continuous wavelength ranging from 320 nm to 1100 nm. Spectro 23 is able to analyze and record four (4) sample results immediately. Furthermore, Spectro 23 may save the reagents and samples by using the optional semi-micro cuvette of 1.5 ml or less to help reduce waste.

Spectro 23 is rugged, reliable, low cost, and maintenance free. This instrument simplifies analysis and increases measurement capabilities for routine applications in various fields such as chemistry, biochemistry, agricultural, petrochemistry, environmental protection, science classes, educational laboratories and general analytical industry.

This Spectro can only be used by itself (No PC connection is available).

ISO 9001-2013, CE Certified and is FDA Licensed.


  • A very durable instrument.
  • Test tube holder and large cell optional.
  • Wide, continuous wavelength ranges for test flexibility.
  • Automatic absorption, transmission, factor and concentration by microprocessor.
  • High photometric and wavelength accuracy for the best results by having a 6 nm bandwidth.
  • Low stray radiant energy and noise for unequivocal readings, even at high absorbencies.
  • Excellent stability characteristics for reliable test results.
  • Carefully designed. Easy operation and maintenance.
  • High absolute reading accuracy, outstanding stability and reproducibility with distinct digital display.
  • F.D.A. Licensed.
  • Very competitive price.
  • Can be applied for constant temperature & kinetic test by optional parts.
  • Computer System is optional (NOT INCLUDED).

Included Accessories:

  • 4 square cells 10mm.
  • 1 instruction book.
  • 1 dust cover.
  • 1 multiple cell holder for 4 cells.
  • 1 cable.

Optional Accessories:

  • Constant temperature system for kinetic testing: three square cell holders and front panel. (Specify: Spectro 23 or Spectro 23 RS)
  • Flow through system (peristaltic pump and flowcell)
  • Multi-purpose cell holder for long path (20 - 50mm) rectangular cells
  • Holder for test tube cuvettes, 10 - 25mm diameter
  • Set of 2 performance testing filters (1 "E filter" for photometric accuracy test and 1 didymium filter for wavelength accuracy test)
Optical System Single Beam Spectrophotometer
Wavelength Range 320-1100nm
Light Source Tungsten-Halogen Lamp
Detector Silicon Photodiode
Wavelength Accuracy 2nm
Wavelength Reproducibility 0.5nm
Spectral Band Pass 6nm
Stray Light <0,5%T. at 360nm
Transmittance Range 0-100% (T)
Absorption Range 0-1999 (A)
Concentration Range 0-2000
Photometric Accuracy +0.5% (T) +0.004A
Transmittance Reproducibility 0-100%T. 0.5% (T)
Monochromator Grating Mirror 1200 Lines/nm
Multi Cell Holder 4 Curvettes
Power Supply 230V. 50Hz/110V 60Hz


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