Mechanical Adjustable Volume Pipettor

Mechanical Adjustable Volume Pipettor
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Mechanical Adjustable Volume Pipettors
The hand held pipette is a general purpose pipette for the accurate and precise sampling and dispensing of liquid volumes.  The pipettes operate on the air displacement principle and use disposable tips.  All pipettes have been quality tested according to ISO 8655/DIN 12650.  The adjustable volume pipette delivers high quality with excellent value for the money.  The pipettes cover a volume range of 0.1µl to 5000µl, with different single-channel models.  The range is also available in fixed volume and 8 multi-channel models. Features: Ejector collar...
Pipettor tips for our mechanical adjustable volume pipettor. NYMC1014-1T: Tips for pipettors 720005, 720000. NYMC1016-1T: Tips for 720080, 720020, 720050, 720070, 720030 NYMC1017-500: Tips 720060, 720040. ...