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Mini Centrifuges
Perfect for quick spinning of small samples. It comes standard with 2 rotors and various speed options. Also with AC or DC power options this centrifuge is great for mobile laboratories as well as stationary labs. Small and compact but powerful which makes this centrifuge great for your laboratory needs. Single-speed Centrifuge Specifications Model NYMC-XC4K NYMC-XC6K NYMC-XC10K Speed 4000r/min 6000r/min 10000r/min RCF 900g 2000g ...
MyFuge™ 12 Microcentrifuge
The new MyFuge™ 12 MicroCentrifuge has a compact and low profile design that allows for great flexibility and capacity, making it ideal for laboratory and/or personal use. This microcentrifuge eliminates the need to change rotors when switching between microtubes and PCR strips. The included, unique and patented COMBI-Rotor™ is all that is required for running 12 microtubes and/or 4 PCR strips. With a fixed speed that produces 2,000 xg, this centrifuge is perfect for quick spin downs. Simply close the lid and theunit quickly ramps up to 5500 rpm. Open the lid, and therotor quickly decelerat...
Portable Microcentrifuge
This centrifuge has a maintenance-free brushless motor. It includes a 6-place rotor for 1.5 and 2ml micro-tubes and a 12-place rotor for 0.5ml micro-tubes. It is designed for cell separations, microfiltration of HPLC samples, and DNA preparations. Optional battery cables and 220v AC adapter power cord available. Features: Portable and compact microcentrifuge Perfect for medical missionaries or field veterinarians 6-place rotor for 1.5 and 2ml microtubes 12-place rotor for 0.5ml microtubes Powered by maintenance-free brushless motor Variable speed: 0...