Microscope Slides

Microscope Slides
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Plain Microscope Slides 1" x 3"
Standard microscope slides are 1" x 3" and are made from glass and are approximately 1mm to 1.2mm thick. The object or specimen to be viewed is placed on the middle of the slide with another much thinner square, circle or rectangle glass (cover slip) placed over the specimen. Slides must be held by the edges because fingerprints on the slide or cover slips will result in difficulty seeing the object of study clearly. This is very critical when viewing a specimen underwater because air bubbles and fingerprints will render it impossible to properly study the specimen. 15 packs. Each ...
Single Concave Microscope Slides
Single concave glass slides are ideal for studying live micro organisms because of a single depression well in the middle of the slide. The dip is .5 mm to .8 mm deep which is perfect for viewing liquids like pond water. Larger organisms won't be damaged or squashed when you apply the slip cover and the water is prevented from drying out as quickly as with a plain glass slide. This reusable microscope slide has ground edges and measures 1" x 3" and is 1 mm to 1.3 mm thick. 3 packs. Each pack includes 72 slides. Minimum order quantity: 3 packs. ...
Double Concave Microscope Slides
Double concave blank microscope slides are manufactured from high quality white glass sheets. The slides are pre-cleaned and optically clear. These are standard 1" x 3" slides (25.4 x 76.2mm) with clear glass and ground edges. The slides range from 1.0 - 1.3 mm thick. These slides have a double concave recess in the slide that is ideal for side-by-side viewing of liquid and other specimens. The slides are vacuum sealed in plastic to prevent dust contamination and individually wrapped in tissue to help prevent sticking. 2 packs. Each pack includes 72 microscope slides. Minimum o...
Frosted Glass Microscope Slides
Frosted glass slides are standard 1" x 3" and 1mm-1.2mm thick. This slide has one sand-blasted end used for marking and identifying. The smooth frosted finish is thumb detectable for when working in a dark room. Frosted area is 19 mm long. 10 packs. Each pack ncludes 72 microscope slides. Minimum order quantity: 10 packs. ...
Glass Cover Slips
Student quality coverslips enclosed in a durable plastic case. #1 thickness. Clear, non-corrosive and non-fogging, these coverslips provide two purposes in the laboratory.   Protects your instrument objective lens from contacting the specimen Creates an even thickness for viewing wet mounts   To use a coverslip properly, place the slip at an angle over the slide, one edge touching the slide and lower it as if it was hinged. If done properly the liquid will force out any air as the cover glass closes over the slide and no bubbles will be trap...