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OPTIZEN POP UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

  • Product Code: NYMC-OPTPOP
  • $6,412.50


  • Emotional Design: Design term by Donald A. Norman
  • Unique, defined crystal look: Selectable from our cover designs or your own design/logo
  • Economical but rather powerful performance
  • Rational and reasonable price (7 connecting ports single beam spectrophotometer and embedded PC)
  • Stability in measurement
  • Auto blank measuring method, Sliding LC Mirror Changer, free voltage, temperature cell sensor and noise elimination method
  • Versatility with customizing your needs.
  • Education, institutions, factories, personnel and other uses.
  • Windows CE operation: Standard storage memory 2GB (Option: 8GB)
  • Able to back up data at portable USB memory
  • Online networking available:
  • Voice guide: Instruction given with voice guide
  • Larger display (specification: touch screen 7 Inches TFT LCD)
  • Built-in software
  • Convenient printing

No exclusive prnter required - Any USB printer that supports PCL mode are available to use.

Quarztz over-coating - Designed to protect high-precision optical components from contaminants to improve lifespan of the product.

Free voltage - Stability in analyzed value with an unstable situation in a separate transformer or without power supply voltage stabilizer. It allows turning on D2 lamp unwavering to analyze in ultraviolet ray range.

ABM - Auto blank measuring method is to measure the reference sample automatically at every measurement.

Noise elimination - analog filter eliminates noise that occurs when sensor changes intensity through electric signal.

Technical Specifications
 Optical System Single Beam Type
Spectral Band Pass Width < 1.8nm
Wavelength Range 190 ~ 1100nm
Wavelength Accuracy <± 0.5nm (at D₂ peak 656.1nm, 486.0nm)
Wavelength Reproducibility <± 0.1nm
Wavelength Setting  ≤ 0.1nm
Wavelength Slew Rate About 7,800nm/min
Wavelength Scanning Speed Max. 4,000nm/min
Photometric Range -3.0 ~ 3.0 ABS (Enable to Set Up)
Photometric Accuracy ± 0.005 ABS (at 1.0 ABS)
Photometric Reproducibility ± 0.003 ABS (at 1.0 ABS)
Photometric Stray Light < 0.05%T (220nm, 340nm)
Baseline Stability < ± 0.001 ABS/h (at 550nm)
Baseline Flatness < ± 0.002 ABS (200- 1100nm)
Monochomater Modified Czerny- Turner type with 1200 lines/mm blazed Grating
Light Source Tungsten-halogen & Deuterium Lamp
Lamp Change Wavelength 340 - 410nm (Default 370nm), including Auto Position System
Standard Cell Holder Rotary type 8 position Multi Cell Holder
Interface Ports 4 USB ports / 3 RS-323C ports
Power Requirement Free Voltage
Overall Dimensions (WxDxH) 17" x 15" x 7.1" / 43cm x 38cm x 18cm
Weight 17.6 lb / 8kg


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