Petri Dish

Petri Dish
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Glass Petri Dish - GL Series
Disposable glass accommodates deeper media fills for longer culture periods. use for fungal cultures and plant propagation. Made of borosilicate glass. 100mm diameter, 20mm high. 120 Pieces/Case ...
Disposable Petri Dish
Made of polystyrene, these sterile petri dishes are available in standard sizes and configurations. Economical clear dishes packaged in sleeves of 10 or 20 depending on the type. Very sturdy and easily stackable. Vented petri dishes have high profile partitions to minimize spillage from one cell to another during filling. Specifications Model Type Size Quantity NYMC1004J3-20 Mono Plate 100 mm x 15 mm 20 Pieces/Pack NYMC1004J3-500 500 Pieces/Pack ...
Student Grade Glass Petri Dishes
Reusable glass petri dishes are made of borosilicate glass. Available in 60mm and 100mm OD sizes. NYMC10701-10 Glass Petri Dishes Size 60 mm x 15 mm Quantity/Pack 10 Pieces/Pack NYMC10704-100 Glass Petri Dishes Size 100 mm x 15 mm Quantity/Pack 100 Pieces/Pack   ...