Plato Hydrometers

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VEE GEE Balling (Plato) Hydrometers with Spirit-Filled Thermometer
Calibrated at 20°C The thermometer scale for VEE GEE® Hydrometers (w/ Thermometers) is located in the body. A correction scale for conversion of readings to 60°F is printed opposite the temperature scale. Thermometer Scale ( 6614TS-5 , -6, -7): 0 to 50°C (Subdivision: 1 °C) Thermometer Scale ( 6614TS-8): 3 0 to 120°F (Subdivision: 1 °F) Specifications Model Balling Range Subdivision Length VG6614TS-5 0 to 8.5° 0.1° 345 mm VG6614TS-6 7.5 to ...