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  • Schmidt+Haensch POLARTRONIC N-Series Automatic Polarimeters

Schmidt+Haensch POLARTRONIC N-Series Automatic Polarimeters

  • Accuracy Of ±0.01°Throughout Entire Measuring Range
  • °Arc & °Z (ISS) Scales
  • Continuous, Exceptionally-Fast Measurements
  • Electronic Interface Of Analyzer And Optical Encoder For Extreme Precision
  • Custom Wavelengths
  • Wide Selection Of Sample Cells
  • American & European Pharmacopoeia / GLP / GMP Conformance

The S+H POLARTRONIC Automatic Polarimeters are truly in a class by themselves. Their measurement speed and accuracy are unmatched in the industry.

Polarimeters, by definition, determine the optical activity of a solution by means of a rotating analyzer and an optical encoder. S+H POLARTRONIC Automatic Polarimeters make use of a (S+H patented) direct, electronic interface between the analyzer and the optical encoder. This technique allows for exceptional speed in measurements and consistent accuracy across the entire measuring range. All other manufacturers employ mechanical linking of the analyzer and optical encoder. This results in much slower measuring time, inconsistent accuracy across the measurement range, and shortened service life due to mechanical wear and tear.

S+H N-Series Automatic Polarimeters feature accuracy of ±0.01°. Instruments are available in single and multiple wavelength configurations. All models come standard with halogen light sources, backlit LCD displays, password protection, printer and data ports, & optional USB ports.

A wide selection of S+H samples cells and quartz control plates are also available.

Model NHZ8 (VG46101) NHX (VG46103) NW2 (VG46105)
Measuring Scale Arc°
Measuring ranges ±85°
Resolution 0.01
Accuracy ±0.01
Optical Wavelength(s) (standard) 589 nm
Optical Wavelength(s) (optional) 1 N/A 546 nm, 478 nm, or 633 nm, (Selection Of 1) N/A
Wavelength Selection N/A Manual Automatic
Measuring Light Source Halogen Sodium
Analyzer/Optical Encoder Link Electronic
Measurirng Time < 3.0 Sec.
Sensor Hi-Res CCD
Sample Cell Length (Maximum) 200 mm
Zero Calibration Air / Empty Sample Cell
Display LCD, 1x16 Characters
Keypad 4-Key
Password Protection Yes
Languages English & German
Printer Interface Centronics (Parallel)
Computer Port RS-232C
USB Port Optional
Power Requirements 90-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 735 x 425 x 200 mm
Manufactured In Germany
1 Optional wavelengths provided at no additional charges.


  • Quality Control Of Original, Intermediate, & Final Products
  • Determination Of Concentration & Purity Control
  • Purity Control& Substance Concentration Determination Conforming To U.S. & European Pharmacopoeia Standards
  • Analysis Of Sugar &Albumin In Urine
  • Hormone/Enzymology/Toxicology Research
  • Purity Control & Identity Of Essential Oils
  • Purity Control& Determination Of Organic Fluids & Inorganic Ions
  • Analysis Of Optically Active Compounds
  • Determination Of Configuration Changes Of Macromolecules In Solutions


  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Sugar
  • Clinical
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cosmetic
  • Chemical

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