Serological Pipets

Serological Pipets
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Serological Pipets - GL Series
Tough soda lime glass serological pipettes for any laboratory use. Brown graduation markings every 0.1 mL with every mL emphasized with a long marking and negative markings to -1 ml. The tips are tapered for easier delivery and fire polished for even, reliable flow. Specifications Model Capacity Cap. Tol. (±ml) Height Quantity/Case NYMC-1E/GL 1 ml 0.008 ml 350 mm 600 Pieces/Case NYMC-5E/GL 5 ml 0.025 ml 350 mm ...
SIBATA 2011A-Series Serological Pipets
SIBATA® brand, Reusable Glass, Serological, Class A, Color-Coded, with Colored Markings, To Deliver. SIBATA 2011A-Series Serological Pipets meet ASTM E-1044 Style 1 Specifications. They are graduated to the tip (tempered) and are also calibrated to deliver. Feature permanent amber markings and color-codings which are enameled onto the glass. The top end of sizes 5 to 25 ml is constricted. Specifications Model Capacity Tolerance Graduation Interval Color code Approx. O.D. x Height Quantity ...