Stain Dishes & Glass Droppers

Stain Dishes & Glass Droppers
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Rectangular Stain Dish
Glass cover. Holds 20 slides (back to back). Individually boxed. 20 Pieces per Case. ...
Coplin Jar
Ground-on glass cover and wide, flat, round base. 3" high. Inside diameter 1.2" Capacity: 10 Slides (back to back). Individually boxed. 20 Pieces Per Case. ...
Glass Stirring Rods
Stirring Rods: Used in all science laboratories to sir/mix substances. 5 mm glass rods in three lengths. Sold per dozen. Policeman for Rubber Rods: Rubber cover fits 5 mm Glass Stirring Rods. The sealed end is cut at an angle to help stir at the bottom of a container. Order Per Dozen.   ...
Glass Dropping Bottles
Round flint glass dropping bottles with ground-in glass stopper and dropper assembly. Ideal for work with chemicals and bases. Available in amber and clear color. Specifications Model Size Glass Quantity NYMC11302-10 60ml / 2 oz. Clear 10 Pieces/Pack NYMC11303-10 125ml / 6 oz. Clear NYMC11403-10 125ml / 6 oz. Amber   ...
Glass Droppers
Quality black rubber bulb on glass tube, available with straight or curved tip. In two sizes. 12 pieces/pack. ...
Glass Beads
Solid 5 mm water white glass beads used most often as an inert boiling stone and used to pack distillation tubes. Packed by weight. Boxed per dozen. 100 Dozens per Case.   25 Grams per Pack. 19 Packs per Box  which equals approx. one pound. 10 Boxes per Case.   ...