Test Tube Racks

Test Tube Racks
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Wooden Test Tube Rack
Wooden test tube rack for holding test tubes and includes drying pins. Base is heavy wood for stability. NYMC97-4606: 6 place (22 mm), with dying pins. NYMC97-4612: 12 place (22 mm), with dying pins. ...
Plastic Test Tube Rack
ABS plastic rack can hold 6 tubes and drying pins for 22mm tubes. 50 pieces/case. ...
Centrifuge Tube Rack
Easy to assemble polypropylene centrifuge racks are autoclavable. Capacity for 20 50mL test tubes and for 30 15mL tubes. Orange in color. Minimum order quantity: 5 racks. ...
Polyproylene Test Tube Racks
Easy to assemble polypropylene test tube racks. Capacity: Holds 50 test tubes up to 18mm in diameter. Individual stability support for conical tubes ...
Polypropylene Blue Test Tube Rack
This test tube rack allows for easy identification of samples and it is quick to assemble. The special design allows samples to be incubated at the same temperature. It can be used in freezers without deforming or going brittle. Test tube rack for 15mm, 16mm and 17mm tubes. 60-place (5 x 12 format), polypropylene. Racks are autoclavable at 121°C for 20 minutes. Can be used dry, wet or in water baths and will not float. Alpha numerical grid reference on top tier for easy identification of samples. ...