Test Tubes

Test Tubes
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Glass Test Tubes
Reusable glass test tubes with rims are made of borosilicate glass. Ideal for student laboratory experiments. Pack of 10 test tubes. (Minimum order of 6 packs) Model Description NYMC10405-10 13 x 100mm NYMC10406-10 15 x 125mm NYMC10409-10 16 x 150mm NYMC10411-10 18 x 150mm NYMC10414-10 21 x 150mm NYMC10416-10 25 x 200mm   ...
Test Tubes - GL Series
Made of borosilicate glass, these test tubes can withstand up to 600 degrees Celcius. 1000 Pieces per Case. ...
Plastic Test Tubes - Polystyrene
Round bottom are convenient for sample removal. Disposable non-sterile test tubes without cap. Used for general laboratory applications. Prevents breakage problems one would have with glass test tubes. NYMC1001-200 Test Tubes Size 15 mm x 100 mm Quantity/Pack 200 Pieces/Pack NYMC1001-2T Test Tubes Size 15 mm x 100 mm Quantity/Pack 2000 Pieces/Pack NYMC1002-300 Test Tubes Size 13 mm x 100 mm ...