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  • VEE GEE STX-3 Handheld Refractometer

VEE GEE STX-3 Handheld Refractometer

  • Product Code: VG43036
  • $140.34

The STX-3 from VEE GEE is exceptionally simple to operate and provides quick, precise measurements. Users can accurately and easily monitor the salinity level of seawater, ponds, aquariums, fish farms, and holding tanks.

Operation consists of placing 1 or 2 drops of sample on the prism, closing the daylight plate over the sample, then looking through the focusable, cushioned-rubber eyepiece for the reading.

The STX-3 features the largest, easiest-to-read scale available with clear, sharp figures, screen shading and incredible contrast. This significantly enhances overall precision, even when several different people use the refractometer. The STX-3 also comes with a rubber grip on the body, which blocks the transmission of hand heat to eliminate temperature errors.

With an automatic temperature range of 10 to 30°C, the STX-3 can be used in outdoor environments without the need to re-zero. All measurements are automatically compensated to 20°C. If measurement values shift, zeroing the STX-3 is very simple. The patented “Zero Ring” eliminates the hassle of using a separate tool during zero calibration. Simply place a few drops of distilled water on the prism and turn the “Zero Ring” until the scale is zeroed, and secure the setscrew...that’s it!

The rugged construction of the STX-3 will provide years of reliable use. The optical glass prism is mounted in an all-metal housing which allows the sample and prism to reach temperature equilibrium quickly. The non-roll stand ensures that once the STX-3 is placed on a table or bench top, it won’t be prone to roll off the surface.

Scale Salinity
Specific Gravity of Seawater
Range 0 to 100 ‰
1.000 to 1.070
Resolution 1.0 ‰
Accuracy ± 1.0 ‰
± 0.001
Prism Optical Glass
Prism Housing Copper Alloy with Nickel-Chrome Coating
Temperature Compensation Automatic
Compensated Temperature 20 ºC
Temperature Compensation Range +10 to +30 ºC
Sample Type Opaque
Sample Quantity >0.1 mL
Zero Calibration Liquid Distilled Water
Custom Calibration Liquid Liquid Standard
Dimensions 40 x 40 x 185 mm
Length 40 mm
Width 40 mm
Height 185 mm
Weight 285 g
Supplied With Carry Case (1 ea.)
Plastic Transfer Pipet (1 ea.)
Instruction Manual (1 ea.)


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